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We are the only fitness facility to offer Bounce certified classes using the mini trampoline in the state of Michigan. We also incorporate the TRX suspension trainer into our bounce classes. Since we offer specialty classes, we do offer them cheaper than other specialty classes in our area. We are spot on with our customer service and in the studio even when classes aren't going on to be here for anyone who wants to stop in to try our our equipment or if they have any questions.

Fitness Center

Bouncing Fitness is here to provide the best fitness classes for all individuals. Our policy is the members come first at all costs. We are here to help the members to get in the best shape of their lives and to encourage them to not give up. From fitness classes to bounce classes, our fitness center has it all.

We are a family owned business. The owner is a mother of 10 children, who has had fitness at the top of her to do list for 43 years. She knows how to help others feel better about themselves and can work with someone new to exercise and also the seasoned exerciser. Bouncing is her specialty and she has some awesome choreography for bouncing that isn't difficult to catch on to. For more information regarding trampoline classes or fitness classes, contact Bouncing Fitness in Rockford, MI today!

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